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Irish Autumn: Expectations Vs The Unavoidable Reality

It’s all LIES.

AH, AUTUMN. FALLEN leaves and crackling fires, pumpkin spice lattes and – stop. Catch a hold of yourself.

autumn Source: Instagram/wyimaginowanii

The fact of the matter is that, much like the other seasons, autumn as it’s presented to us in film and television does not really exist in Ireland.

You’ll see messages and tips like these on TV and in magazines, but we’re advising you to ignore them. Reality is much, much different.

Expectation: You’ll be kicking up piles of beautifully-hued leaves on your morning walk to work.

Autumn_Leaf_08Nov17 Source: Wikimedia

Reality: You’ll be slipping in putrid brown mush.

13508_195598 Source: Weecdn

Expectation: We’ll have that cold, crisp, yet sunny weather we love so much.

shutterstock_312005159 Source: Shutterstock/Den Edryshov

Reality: The rain comes down sideways instead of straight.

25/8/2015 Bad Rainy Weather Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ie

Gotta love that change in the seasons!

Expectation: Time to pull out my autumn/winter wardrobe again!

tumblr_npqwsghkYd1qj4315o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Reality: *wears tights/a thicker jumper with ‘summer wardrobe’*

Expectation: You’ll be going around all perfectly snug in your hat and scarf and autumnal layers.

❄ Source: Instagram/jessica.ba

Reality: You’ll be alternately sweating and then shivering. The scarf is too warm, but the wind is like RAZORS. How?!

sweating Source: Giphy

Expectation: This is the year you pull that amazing Halloween costume out of the bag.

halloweencostume Source: Instagram/ariel_bosch

Reality: This is the year you do a mad dash through Penneys at 4pm on October 31st, looking for anything you can make into cat ears. Again.

377f0f73d42bad5d0b7a3a94c5324851 Source: Wordpress

Expectation: The neighbourhood will be so quiet now all the kids are gone back to school!

giphy Source: Giphy



tumblr_mnj5klQ9Qz1sp9fcho4_500 Source: Tumblr


lion-king-stampede Source: Wordpress

Happy September, you guys!

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