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6 unarguable reasons to avoid the sales today

It’ll be hell, believe us.

WHILE SOME PEOPLE consider St Stephen’s Day a day of rest and relaxation after the day of strenuous eating and drinking before it, for others it’s a day of action.

Yes, St Stephen’s Day marks the beginning of the sales – when thousands of people will make their way into the cities and towns of Ireland in the hope of bagging some seriously reduced items.

If you do choose to brave the crowds, we salute you. But there are six very good reasons why you shouldn’t.

You have to get up early to make the most of it

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But you probably won’t. And then…

The good deals will always be scooped before you can get to them

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No matter how early you leave the house, there are going to be people who have queued since 6am to be the first in. You want to just wander in at noon and score some bargains? You’ve another thing coming.

There are far, far too many people around

liz-lemon-eye-roll-and-exhale-30-rock Source: Daily Edge

Getting in your way, standing in front of the thing you want to look at, walking slowly ahead of you. Grrr.

Tensions are high

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With all those people and all those cut-price goods, it can get pretty cut-throat. You never know what people will do to get that €150-down-to-€50 coat.

You’ll overheat, then freeze

SweatingSinner Source: Peerfit

Shops = warm. Outside shops = cold. Scarf on, scarf off. You’re sweating, but the cold air is biting at your hands and neck. What’s going on?

You could be at home

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With the fire on, a fistful of Roses, and something good on the telly. You can always get yourself a few bits online, can’t you?

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