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Avril Lavigne responds to claims that her new video is racist: "LOLOLOL!!"

The video for Hello Kitty has been branded a “fetishisation” of Japanese culture.

AVRIL LAVIGNE HAS a typically mature and well-thought out response to the hordes of people who think her new video is racist: “LOLOLOL!!”

The video for Hello Kitty features Avril frolicking in a cupcake-covered tutu as a host of expressionless Japanese girls (rather like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls) dance behind her.

It was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday but mysteriously taken down after US music magazine Billboard and all of Twitter slammed it as a “trainwreck” that fetishised Japanese culture.

Avril herself has tweeted a response to the racism claims:

OK, but that doesn’t stop it being an awful, awful video. Sorry Avril.

Here are some of the cringiest bits, in gifs.

Avril stares determinedly at a cupcake toy 


Avril getting too excited by some sushi


Avril waving to unseen fans (in black and white)


The moment she realises this is a bit ridiculous


The faces of her expressionless minions


The Hello Kitty video is back up on YouTube now, if you wish to subject your eyes to it:

Source: Avril Lavigne/YouTube

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