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10 of the most awkward television interviews ever

We can’t look away.

IT’S BEEN A GOOD week for awkward interviews. First Bruce Willis takes down a radio reporter, then Kay Burley faced the rogue royal supporters. Now, most recently, we’re faced with this.

Here are a few of the most cringe-worthy moments that can occur in a live television interview setting.

1. Glenn Beck and Dina Sansing

Outspoken US television host Glenn Beck didn’t miss a beat when propositioning the US Weekly journalist during a conversation about celebrities and their leaked racy photos. It’s the silent pause that goes on forever.

2. Michael Parkinson and Meg Ryan

Known as possibly the most awkward celebrity interview to ever grace our TV screens, actress Meg Ryan refused to give Parky a break during this interview. He asks her, “If you were me, what would you do now?” only to be met with, “Wrap it up”.

3. Larry King and Carrie Prejean

You’ll remember her as the Miss USA contestant that cause havoc over her opinions on gay rights. In this interview, she’s very much keeping her opinions to herself. When probed by King on her lawsuit with the pageant, Prejean gets super pissed and it’s super mortifying.

4. Piers Morgan up and Alex Jones

This heated debate about controversial Jones’ whacky conspiracy theories leads to the radio host doing a bizarre impression of Morgan’s English accent. Which is just uncomfortable for all involved, really.

5. Reporter of Local 6 and a 49ers fan

Before you walk into a live news segment, be sure you know what’s going on. This reporter does a good job of showing the attention-seeker who’s boss.

6. Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino refuses to answer questions from the Channel 4 news reporter and gets extremely offended by his questions on violence before shouting, “I’m shutting your butt down!”

7. Eyewitness news anchor and Harry Belfonte

The interaction may have been awkward, but at least the guests were awake. The poor Eyewitness news anchor didn’t know what to do when her guest fell asleep right before going on air. Cue the uncomfortable stalling.

8. BBC News anchor and Michael Wolff

Surely your guest falling asleep is not as bad as going to the wrong guest and failing to realise it. It’s the interview that never happened, but the awkwardness lives on. We’ll never find out what Ben Walker had to say.

9. Gretchen Carlson and Max Rice

College grad Max Rice was drafted onto Fox News to portray a broken generation of Obama supporters. Instead, Rice flirts with Carlson, drinks from a cup mid-sentence, and is just all-round obnoxious. You can’t help but be scarlet for him.

10. Anchor vs Reporter

Watch this local news station anchor berate a field reporter for his bad handling of interviewees, and it just gets worse from there. We’re embarrassed on everyone’s behalf.

Why on earth would a Muslim be writing about Jesus?>

Little girl dances in the background of news report>

Bruce Willis destroys well-meaning reporter in radio interview>

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