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one night stand

9 awkward moments everyone experiences the morning after a one night stand


1. It all begins with waking up and taking a long, hard look at them in the light of day

giphy (9) rooneymara / Tumblr rooneymara / Tumblr / Tumblr

Well, that happened.

2. Followed by a decision on whether to make a quiet exit or stay for chats

giphy (10) Reddit Reddit

Should you sneak out while he/she snoozes beside you or be polite and stay for chats?

Doesn’t matter, they’re awake now anyway.

3. Attempts at small talk make you want to die inside

giphy (11) Seinfeld GIFs Seinfeld GIFs

“So, good night?”

*resists compulsion to stab self in the face*

4. Or worse still, attempts at small talk with roommates

giphy (12) Reddit Reddit

*keeps head down walking through hallway*

5. Of course, any semblance of etiquette is immediately tossed out the window

Desperate times, etc.

6. Both of you will experience feelings of extreme toothbrush anxiety

giphy (13) Reddit Reddit

Is he/she using my toothbrush?????

Welp, I have no other choice but to buy a new one.

7. If you’re desperately unlucky, you might be left with someone who just won’t leave your gaff the next day

You’re dropping hints left, right and centre, and this clown is still lying in bed playing with their phone.

When “Oh, is it 11am already?” doesn’t stir them, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and invent a reason for why you need to leave the house ASAP.

8. There will be the mandatory exchange of numbers despite both knowing that you will never get in touch with each other

giphy (15) Giphy Giphy

You say: “I’ll text you!”

What you meant to say: “I’m never going to lay eyes on this phone number ever again.”

9. And then there’s the question of how you should say goodbye as you leave?

A hug? A kiss? A peck on the cheek? An awkward handshake? A high five with zero eye contact?


Whichever way it goes, it’s going to be intensely cringey for everyone involved.

Good luck out there.

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