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9 of the most awkward marriage proposals ever

It’s not always a good idea to propose in public…

WE’VE ALL SEEN the great ones. The long epics, the vast romantic gestures, the flash mobs, the tears, the joy, the elation.

But what if a master proposal plan doesn’t go quite as expected? Things can get a tad awkward…

1. If proposing to your girlfriend in a food court over a cheery rendition of Sweet Caroline is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. She wasn’t impressed, but at least there’s plenty of comfort food in the vicinity.

2. She couldn’t possibly say no in front of a big basketball crowd, right? Wrong.

3. Speaking of magnifying the crushing rejection, why not introduce a TV audience too? The reaction of talk show host ‘Bobby Bones’ really makes it.

4. This Republican National Convention staffer’s proposal is successful, but painfully awkward in its own right. While repeatedly saying “Wait for it!” is the epiphany of romance, forcing your fiancée to bow at the end really seals the deal.

5. Another basketball game, we can see a trend emerging here. You can literally see the moment this guy’s heart and dreams are crushed forever (it’s 1.07, if you’re wondering).

6. It could be worse, she could completely ignore you on national television. “Sorry, huh, what did you say? Gotta go.”

7. Please ensure your girlfriend is actually in the audience before you declare your wish to spend the rest of your life with her. Also, a t-shirt would be nice. It’s just manners.

8. On a plane is risqué. If she says no, there’s nowhere to run. Luckily this girl said yes, but there was still no escape from the intense awkwardness. “Tell me if you want to be my wife somewhere in the near future?” Swoon.

9. But a real life swoon is nowhere near as glamorous as those in the movies. Making your bride-to-be faint may be somewhat of a compliment, but not so much as you are left hovering over an unconscious body with a ring in your hand.

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