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8 things all Irish kids secretly loved about going back to school

Fruit Pastilles pencil case on FLEEK.

IT’S NEVER BEEN cool to be excited about school, and some of us had to hide our joy at purchasing new uniforms, getting all the books, and settling in for a new school year.

We didn’t want to admit it, but we all secretly enjoyed the back to school prep. A lot.

1. Carefully wrapping books in brown paper

wallpaperbooks Source: Pinterest

Or whatever you were having yourself. But you can bet that no matter what covering you used, your books would be IMMACULATE.

2. Getting a new one of these bad boys

Multi-color-pen-2 Source: Atomictoasters

The king of pens.

3. And these

$_12 Source: eBay

If your pencil case wasn’t food or drink-related, who even were you?

4. The first fresh page of a brand new copybook

ris3 Source: Facebook/Rare Irish Stuff

You almost wouldn’t want to write on it, would you? Ah go on then.

5. New. Shoes.

You wanted these fab yokes:

chunkyheeloxfords_zps2aabb2f3 Source: Photobucket

You ended up with these:

shoe Source: BlogSpot

6. Showing off about your summer holidays

giantpencils Source: alibababa.com

Oh, this giant ridiculous pencil that I’m just going to bring in and put on my desk because it’s basically unusable? Got it in Majorca. Yeah. I was in Majorca.

7. Privately speculating on who you were going to sit beside

3241223972_e94e2df337_o Source: Flickr/spiral

You wanted to sit beside your best friend Michael, for sure, but it wouldn’t be so bad to sit beside Jessica, even though she’s a GIRL.

8. And trying to cadge a new lunch box out of your mam

IMG_3428 Source: Amazon

Even though you didn’t need it. Even though the matching flask would inevitably spill all over your school books in the second week. Still. You NEEDED IT.

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