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14 brands that shamelessly tried to get in on Back to the Future day

We salute your chutzpah on this day of days.

WE LOVE BACK to the Future – and today is the day we celebrate Marty, Jennifer and Doc’s arrival in 2015.

You know who else has been celebrating?

Brands, of course.

1. This cool advice on your pensions in the UK marked the occasion perfectly


2. This creation

3. Greggs’ terrifying alternate version of the film

4. Good quality banter from the Gardaí on show

Credit where credit is due.

5. The airlines were out in full force with this choice quote

6. As were the trains

7. The Gardaí weren’t the only ones using it to spread an important message

“in all timelines.” Nooooo.

8. In Scotland, they linked it to a road safety Q&A

Ah now, lads. A good cause but perhaps a little dry?

9. They even used this day of days to remind us of the impending change to the clocks

10. Pizza Express in the UK were on point with this reference

11. But Goodyear in South Africa might have been a little more inventive here

12. This name will not catch on – even today

13. Even the OECD are at it

14. In fairness, if you have a DeLorean knocking around the museum, today is the day to tweet about it

Happy Back to the Future Day everyone!

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