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This guy's terrible Pokémon tattoo has completely taken over Reddit

It’s like “left shark” all over again.

A DAY AGO, a Reddit user named ylwwsnow2 posted a picture of his friend’s tattoo.

He explained that his friend got drunk and decided to tattoo Charmander from Pokémon himself.

yioKkAo Source: Reddit

For reference, here’s what Charmander actually looks like.

004Charmander_OS_anime Source: Pokemon/Wikia

So it’s fair to say that the tattoo is pretty terrible.

For some reason, though, it has completely captured the imagination of Reddit.

This morning, the r/funny subreddit was completely dominated by talk of the Charmander tattoo.

charmander2 Source: r/funny

Someone has already put it on a t-shirt.

U4iGx1j Source: Reddit

Another person put the image on an engagement ring.

IeemPSi Source: Reddit

A necklace, too?!

YHtW3y7 Source: Reddit


YHgW9y2 (1) Source: Reddit


wQvIDfB Source: Imgur

And there’s much more where that came from.

Others have even been sharing their ill-advised Pokémon tattoos in solidarity.

khW1rml Source: Reddit

Yesterday evening, the original poster proved naysayers wrong when he posted proof that the tattoo is most definitely real.

YY7BDrW (1) Source: Reddit

He explained to other commenters that the owner of the tattoo is 27 and did it himself while drunk and high on Xanax. When he woke up with the tattoo, he asked friends why they didn’t try to stop him and they explained that they did – multiple times.

At least he’s now the proud owner of a viral tattoo, though, right?

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