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This year
Explained: Why have thousands of Reddit forums gone dark and what does AI have to do with it?
Reddit’s decision has been met with dismay and frustration from moderators in charge of some of the website’s most popular forums.
All time
2019 was a solid year for foreign direct investment but what does 2020 have in store?
Talent and tax changes could be issues as Ireland looks to stay as the multinational destination of choice.
Opinion: Tech giants must be held responsible for publishing images of murder and child abuse
Google is pioneering self-driving cars and bringing the internet to remote parts of Africa via a network of giant balloons, yet somehow they cannot deal with snuff films or child abuse images, writes Diarmuid Pepper.
Social media firm Reddit is opening its first office outside of the US in Dublin
The $3 billion company has begun recruiting for the EMEA base in the Irish capital.
Social media firm Reddit is opening its first office outside of the US in Dublin
The $3 billion company has begun recruiting for the EMEA base in the Irish capital.
11 things we learned from Hozier's AMA that also might make you hungry
Pistachio ice cream is cancelled.
Victim of 'Irish Sluts' Reddit page says she felt 'physically sick' when she saw her photos online
Details of where the women live and where they attend college or school were also posted on the site.
'Irish Sluts' page banned from Reddit after violating 'anti-involuntary pornography' policy reported on the existence of the site yesterday and spoke with one of its victims.
This amazing photo of Dun Briste in Mayo just made the front page of Reddit
‘Mon Ireland.
This story of a 90-year-old Dublin grandad cooking a fry for his granddaughter has gone global on Reddit
The annual birthday fry.
Serena Williams surprised two players at a public tennis court and challenged them to a match
The entire scene was documented on the star’s Snapchat story.
Is sexual education in Ireland out of date?
‘Schools use a very reactive model in relation to gender and sexuality identity because of uncertainty fears around school ethos and the reactions of parents’.
People are sharing their exes' stupidest moments, and it's an absolute gift
Foolishness, everywhere.
This picture of Michelle Obama hugging George W Bush has become a glorious meme
Making America hug again.
This photo perfectly encapsulates the first day back at school
Oh yeah, we’ve been there.
This dad-to-be wore the most ridiculous t-shirt during his wife's labour
This is not helping, dad.
Adam Sandler found his doppelganger online and invited him to a film premiere
Chalk Adam down as a Sound Lad.
People have been sharing their best bad jokes and the results are gas
So stupid it’s funny.
An American asked Reddit to help troll an Irishman, and they delivered
The only way to wind up an Irishman.
Here's what happens when you ask a kid to design an ad for a funeral home
The blackest of black comedy.
This rabbit/duck optical illusion is freaking people out
What is going on here?
This Irish guy asked the internet for advice about moving to LA and got the best responses
Poor David.
This guy's mates pranked him by turning his bedroom into a 'storage cupboard'
SO detailed. Genius!
French people are calling this photo of a stack of crepes an 'act of war'
Mon Dieu!
This intern fell asleep on his second day at work and became a glorious meme
A new hero.
13 gifs that will make you say... 'woah'
Reddit sent toys and nappies to a mother whose fiancé died on Christmas Eve
A crowdfunding page has also raised over $6000 in donations.
10 mortifying Tinder stories that will make you want to delete your app
“This guy texted me from the burrito place to tell me he’d already ordered me the salad.”
Tim Roth: I hated playing Blatter in awful Fifa film
United Passions was recently confirmed as the lowest grossing film in US history.
'Britain's loneliest schoolboy' is going to get a load of Christmas cards
Aron Anderson lives on a remote island and is the only child in his school.
A new dad posed for a selfie with his wife giving birth in the background
And he lived to tell the tale.
Did this babycare giant just photoshop a thigh gap... onto a baby?
It’s been suggested that nappies-manufacturer Huggies digitally manipulated an advert photo of a toddler.
This motorcylist stopped to save a kitten stuck in the middle of a busy road
She’s now the internet’s new hero. Hooray!
This little girl holding an owl has become an unstoppable meme
The hero the internet needs right now.
Tom Hanks randomly commented on a load of Reddit threads, and it was wonderful
Tom Hanks: two-time Oscar winner and serious Redditor.
This guy's sister got him the best/worst birthday present and it's gone viral
You shouldn’t have.
The Irish website that looks like it hasn't changed in forever is finally getting a makeover
We asked the head of how the site was holding up in the social media era.
People are sharing the weirdest thing they do with their significant others
12 'Irish' images that have taken the internet by storm
According to Imgur.
These two cats have become the true heroes of Snapchat
The effort. The sensational effort.