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Which of these bad Christmas wrappers are you?

Bad at wrapping presents? It’s ok, you’re not alone.

UNLESS YOU ARE someone in possession of superior skills in planning and time management, you probably still have some presents to wrap today.

Hopefully, you enjoy the process and produce beautiful gifts, however, there are many people who struggle.

If you are a bad wrapper, see if you can identify yourself below.

The improvisor

I ran out of Christmas wrapping paper and had to improvise - Imgur Source: Imgur

No Christmas paper?  No problem!

The environmentalist

Present wrapping master - Imgur Source: Imgur

Why would you waste wrapping paper when it’s already in a perfectly good box?

The underestimater

under Source: Twitter/Jordan Crills

This is definitely enough wrapping paper, definitely loads… oh.

The trier

I'm 28 and still have no clue how to wrap a Christmas present - Imgur Source: Imgur

They do their best, but it never really works out, God love them.

The ‘it’ll do’ guy

My husbands Christmas gift wrapping technique at its finest. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Sure that’s a Christmas bag, be grand!

The surrenderer

After 4 attempts, roommate has given up on wrapping presents - Imgur Source: Imgur

Why even bother?  I never manage it anyway.

Speedy Gonzales

speedy Source: Twitter/d_barfordx

They just want to get the job done, ok?

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