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This badass granny is the new queen of Twitter

Eighty six-year-old Baddie Winkle is out to steal your man. And your Twitter followers.

DON’TCHA WISH YOUR granny was hot like Baddie?

The twerking, partying, booze-swilling Baddie Winkle (86) is the most badass gran on the internet (and possibly in the world) right now.

Despite only being active on Twitter for less than a month, Baddie has accumulated around 189,000 followers because she literally does not give any fecks. At all. None.

A key line from her Twitter bio:

Stealing your man since 1928.

She’s more than down with the kids, she’s ahead of the curve:

She still hasn’t lost it.

And she likes to party every once in a while. 

But like many other grannies, she still heads to church:

And she’s kind enough to say a prayer for all of us while there.

We don’t know if we’re cool enough to party with Baddie. We’ll just stick to tea and digestives with our own grannies.

via Jezebel

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