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10 of the most viral moments from the Baltimore riots

Baltimore residents have been coming together to defend and clean up their city.

THE WHOLE WORLD IS watching the US city of Baltimore, which has been engulfed in rioting since Monday.

The unrest broke out in reaction to the death of Freddie Grey, who was injured while he was in police custody.

More than 250 people have been arrested - but some powerful moments are going viral amid the reports of violence.

This mother dragging her son out of the riots

Source: LetureGsc/YouTube

Baltimore residents lining up to protect the police

This guy dancing to Michael Jackson in the streets

Source: Barstool UTube/YouTube

Dimitri Reeves, the man behind the impromptu Jackson dance parties, says he wants to “spread love and peace”.

This kid who handed bottled water to the riot police

Mobile Uploads - Bishop M Cromartie | Facebook Source: Facebook/Bishop M Cromartie

This cop and Baltimore resident sharing a moment

These people who are helping to clean up the city

This man telling protestors: “Don’t give them a reason”

Source: V4@HOT/YouTube

These rival gangs that have “united for justice”

Bloods and Crips unite for justice for Freddie ... Source: Facebook/Million Man March • 20th Anniversary

Police and residents are coming together to clean up

Source: nbcwashington/Instagram

Members of the clergy marched to stop the violence

Source: Think Progress/YouTube

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