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5 solid arguments for why 'banter' should be banned

Call the Archbishop of Banterbury.

WE’RE ON A mission to ban the banter, infiltrating our society for several years now with stealth and cheek.

Here’s why:

1. Cheeky Nandos confusion

A ‘Cheeky Nandos’ meme has begun to take over the internet of late, fuelled mostly by confusion over the term on the part of Americans who use Tumblr.

Their confusion is righteous, if you ask us, mate.

mate1 Source: @filisthorpe

nandos Source: Blastocyst on Tumblr

notch Source: rubyetc on Tumblr

We’re crying because these are all legitimate responses. Hold us, you ledgebag.

2. Cheeky anything, in fact

Amen to this:

3. The Bantmobile, Bantersaurus, Archbishop of Banterbury, Banter Claus

Look, we appreciate a good pun as much as the next Praying Bantis, but please, MAKE IT END!

4. Dapper Laughs

The undisputed king of the Bants, and rape jokes.

The Hooligan Factory Premiere - London

Read about him here, here and here.

5. This gal

Dublin girl Mica was an early proponent of banter, appearing in the 2007 TV3 documentary Diary of a Debutante.


She liked to have a bit of the “random banter”.

The viewing public was not buying it and she was filmed being kicked out of a debs event at the end of the programme. Banter on Mica. Banter on.

Source: vicolitta/YouTube

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