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This new hair trend makes it look like you have tiny bean sprouts growing from your head

It’s the new flower crown.

FORGET BUTTERFLY CLIPS, forget the hun bun, in fact–just forget everything you know about past hair trends and accessories.

Wearing bean sprouts hair clips is a huge trend in Beijing's street fashion Source: diaryofjun

The latest trend to hit China is one that makes you look like you’re growing sprouts from your head. What’s not to like, we cry?

The trend is said to originate from a Chinese cartoon, Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf.

goat-wolf Source: Thechinatimes

But it has clearly stuck, as people like looking like they’re growing beans from their heads.

My friends came back from China and brought me a bean sprout. #China #fashion #fashun #beansprout #whut #potd #ootd #lol #plantlife Source: justjulieanna

The Shanghaiist say:

While we’d like to consider the trend some sort of subversive comment on the chronic air pollution that shrouds China’s capital, it’s really just a thing because it’s cute.

As good a reason as any.

Source: _koreanswimwear

#破图#豆芽 居然现在才流行这个 Source: sinatsumbitch

Hottest Accessory in Mainland China. Do you want to raise something on your head? #fashionista #burgeon #发芽 Source: lydia_lyu

Even dogs are getting in on it

@samoyedhappy #samoyed #萨摩耶 #豆芽 @animals.co Source: lcx960110

Absolutely mad to join in? You can get a set on eBay for under a euro.

$_57 Source: eBay

Let’s bring it to Ireland. Anyone for a shamrock?

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