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This upsetting picture of a breakfast in Cork has sparked a debate about beans
So. Much. Bean. Juice.

LET’S NOT BEAT around the bush.

I’m taking a strong editorial stance on this.

This picture is an abomination:

cork @ronanmoyles @ronanmoyles

Specifically, this area:


Look at the egg. Practically submerged in beans. Drowning in bean juice. The yolk on the cusp of merging with the juice in a horrifying catastrophe.

Look at the pudding. Tainted forever with that sickly sweet tomato elixir.

Even the sausages haven’t escaped unscathed.


The photo, posted to Twitter yesterday by user @RonanMoyles elicited quite the response. People fall quite firmly into one of two camps: pro-beans and anti-beans. The proliferation of the bean juice appears to be a major contributory factor.

One (@bubblenoma) referred in the negative to “a lake of baked beans on a plate” while another (@roqueandrolle) called beans “the devil’s food”.

One man summed up the crux of the issue:

One out of ten indeed.

In the pro-beans camp there were cries of “beans are great ffs” (@prayforpatrick), while the originator of the photo qualified that he liked “the bean lake” and “beans are actually good”.

The hate against beans was called out:

There was much handwringing and pontificating:

From both sides:

People  shared horror stories:

There was the occasional voice of reason:

Even Gerry got involved:

Zing Gerry. Zing.

Well, where do you stand?

Poll Results:

Beans in a fry (1513)
No beans in a fry (1293)

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