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rage against the machine

11 times kids beat the system with pure genius

Going places.

1. When the system isn’t working for you, you have to think outside the box

baby gif Googleusercontent Googleusercontent

Or in this case, in it.

2. When a maths problem is too difficult, this kid found another way

sintan Imgur Imgur

3. The time this mam specifically put a lock on a drawer

qFQ2Zrl Imgur Imgur

Her son found a way.

4. And this original, old school form of piracy was just kids using every tool at their disposal

3Yf4j1O Imgur Imgur

5. When homework answers are easy, but can be made so much easier with some quick thinking – you know the kid is a true original thinker

football Imgur Imgur

6. The system can’t box in these little geniuses

shapenames David Bartram / Twitter David Bartram / Twitter / Twitter

7. When this little one knew the teacher wouldn’t be arsed reading the second half of their essay

homework Imgur Imgur

And they got an A.

8. The time she wanted a hammock so bad she went ahead and made one for herself

hammock Imgur Imgur

9. The time this creative maestro needed his back scratched

doggiewalk Imgur Imgur

10. When this kid handed up homework that is technically correct

false Imgur Imgur

Or, at least, something the teacher couldn’t really mark wrong.

11. And finally… the time the answer was right there in the question

Grading 2nd grade math homework. Imgur Imgur

System, consider yourself beaten.

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