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These people should have put down the make-up

Put your hands in the air and walk slowly away from the lipstick.

LADIES, WOULD YOU let your boyfriend do your make-up?

And, gentlemen, would you accept the challenge?

If not, then you know how tricky the business of applying your make-up correctly is. It’s a lot more difficult and noticeable than people might first assume. Relationships aside, make-up can be a major hurdle for a lot of people out there.

Here are some people who fell at that hurdle.

You’ve looked better, love

We all know and love vlogger Jenna Marbles. Here, she gets her usually attractive fizzog trashed by her boyfriend.


Dude looks like a lady

Steve Tyler. Just stop whatever it is you’re doing. That eye-shadow is not your pal.

Image: Hollywood Headaches

Fanta, anyone?

These lads have got the sun-kissed look down to an art.

Image: Smosh


You’ve got something on your face, Nicole. No, it’s not gone. Actually… Never mind.

Image: The Berry


You missed a spot, big guy.

Image: NSMBL

Are you…

Happy? Angry? Sad? Confused? We don’t know what message these eyebrows are trying to communicate to us. We just know we don’t like it.

Image: Oddee

Okay, so these guys were awful at it, but what about you? If you think you’ve got what it takes in the cosmetics stakes, then you’ll be intersted in this week’s You Generation competition. The global, virtual talent competition is searching for talented make-up artists – and entries are close tomorrow, so get your slap out.

Share your pain and let us know your make-up related disasters in the comments. And what are your make-up pet peeves on other people?

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