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11 beds that are indefinitely better than yours

Oh, you sleep on that little thing?

DONTCHA WISH YOUR bed was hot like these?

1. This beanbag with a built-in pillow and blanket to make you feel like you’re being cuddled by a fleecy cloud

506b20e974c5b64af7001722._w.1500_s.fit_ Source: Pixstatic

2. Pet owner? You need this bed extension in your life

YKHFj Source: Imgur


damn-dog-taking-up-my-bed-1 Source: Stacyswatermelon

3. The best kind of sandwich you could have in bed

TwkFo Source: Imgur

4. An air-conditioned mattress

So you have an electric blanket, but what happens when we hit double-digits? Japanese company Kuchofuku are at your service.

By taking in air at the head end of the mattress, the dual fans at the foot pull it through a soft membrane that expands to become an air-cushion, bringing cool air in past your head and through the bed.

Sign us up.

kuchofuku-air-conditioned-bed-japan Source: Shifteast

5. The motivator

JsB2U85 Source: Imgur

6. Sleep with the fishes under this tranquil cove

Blyvmdq Source: Imgur

7. This wardrobe bed looks insanely superior to yours

tTdAY Source: Imgur

8. Arm pains and numbness are no more, with this cuddle-friendly mattress

mVTstdX Source: Imgur

9. This nap accommodating jacket

The Excubo jacket has the perfect amount of support in the neck and back for a comfortable upright sleep. You may look like a bit of a dose though.

200738121751734 Source: Sjkc

10. It’s not as bad as this sleep helmet though

ostrichpillow_studiobananathings_kawamuraganjavian_studiokg_08 Source: Laughingsquid

11. Or this sleep suit. Maybe your bed isn’t so bad afterall

nappbig Source: Momlogic

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