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# haenow you're an all star
Ben Haenow won the X Factor, and Twitter celebrated with terrible puns
Haenow, Haenow, don’t DREEEAAAM IT’S OVER.


Though this season has seen a fall in ratings for the once popular talent show, people still turned out in their millions to vote in the final – last night, Ben Haenow beat the bookies’ favourite Fleur East to the title of 2014 champ.

Here’s his winner’s single, a cover of One Republic’s Something I Need:

The X Factor UK / YouTube

While Twitter was thoroughly divided on whether it wanted Ben to win or not, it was certainly united on one thing – making terrible, terrible puns with his surname.

First there was that song from the Lizzie McGuire Movie

(Listen to it here, in case you’re unfamiliar with the late 2000s oeuvre of Hilary Duff.)

Nope, definitely not just you.


Then, there was All Star by Smash Mouth

And of course, Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

A lot of people were very sad that this one didn’t work so well now he’d won. Months of planning, laid to waste.

Never change, Twitter.

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