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Why it would be deadly if Bertie Ahern was your grandad

Bertie’s going to be a pops again.

OUR FORMER LEADER Bertie Ahern is set to be a grandad again after his daughter Georgina and her husband Nicky Byrne announced that they’re expecting their third child.

Bertie is already pops to six-year-old twins Jay and Rocco, and to three-year-old Robin and baby Sonny – his daughter Cecilia’s kids.

With Georgina, Nicky, Jay and Rocco in 2007 (Julien Behal/PA Wire)

Say what you like about Bertie (keep it clean please) but we’re guessing he’d make a top notch grandad.

Here’s why:

1. He’s got some interesting pals

It could be you, Bill, Hillser, Chelsea and Grandad Bertie all hanging around together.

BACON CHRIS BACON/PA Archive/Press Association Images

There he is hanging around with Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

Niall Carson/PA Wire

2. He might write a book about you

Well, he wrote one about himself.

And he might tell your da to get a proper pair of jeans while he’s at it (Niall Carson/PA Wire)

3. People would always be producing the ‘going-out biscuits’ when you went visiting

The ones wrapped in foil are SUPER fancy (Haydn West/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

4.He’d have loads of time for you

Sure didn’t Micheál Martin say recently that Bertie has no input in Fianna Fáil party policy?

That leaves loads of time to be taking you to the zoo and other grandad-esque outings.

Er Grandad? I thought it was just going to be me and you? (Photocall Ireland)

5. You might get called after him

This is Bertie’s grandson Rocco Bertie Byrne (with uncle David Keoghan).

Rocco Bertie Byrne. A grand strong name.

Carson/PA Wire

6. He’d play tennis with you

Photocall Ireland

7. Your grandad has his own puppet

And there he is hanging out with Uncle Brian.

Photocall Ireland

8. You’d probably inherit a fine head of hair

Photocall Ireland

9. He’d play keepy uppies  with you

10. He’d let you stick your finger up his nose

Did we know egg vending machines are a thing?

Soon you might be able to get McDonald’s to deliver>

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