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13 extremely satisfying acts of revenge

Serving suggestion: Cold.

GETTING REVENGE ISN’T big and it’s not clever. It can feel really really good though, just ask this lot.

1. These bin-men, sick of you parking there

qD1ag Source: Imgur

2. This generous customer, exacting revenge on a bad waiter


3. This laptop that has been sat on by that cat TOO many times

0OhkST3 Source: Imgur

4. This masterful tray-spinner that didn’t like your hand jesture


5. The boyfriends who have carried shopping bags one time too many

cpruc3n Source: Imgur

6. The room-mate dealing with this passive-aggressive mess


7. A taxi-man who used Facebook to call out a runner in the best possible way

dicktocabdriver1hgfjf Source: Dangerousminds

8. This spitter who couldn’t beat them, so joined them

funniest_crazy_cool_pictures_of_revenge_note_20100318_1740195955 Source: Pleated-jeans

9. A chef who was fired but not locked out of the restaurant’s Twitter account



10. These ignored customers who got creative with the condiments

bad-customer-service1 Source: Concrete-online

11. This hero amongst the crowds

5140f907acf3e Source: Happyplace

12. The scorned woman who distributed these inspired signs

Well, it’s easier than knocking on doors.

cheating-husband3 Source: denharsh

13. Karma, who always triumphs in an instant



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