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11 times mams were the greatest prank victims

Poor mammies.

This is the cruellest prank you could play on your family this Christmas

Not that we’re encouraging you…

This Welsh guy just pulled off the best dad joke of all time


13 hilarious autocorrect pranks played on unsuspecting mothers

Sausage sausage why.

This guy pulled the silliest prank ever on his mate, and his reaction was hilarious

So funny. So, so childish.

9 of the most embarrassingly bad April Fools' jokes of 2015

Please. No more.

15 of the most enjoyable April Fools' Day pranks of 2015

Gold star, everybody.

8 April Fools jokes everyone truly wishes were real


The 2fm prank war continues, and things are charging up

Yet another reminder to never leave your desk unattended around here.

Woman spends all year excellently trolling her brother with selfie-videos

… and he falls for it EVERY TIME.

The Christmas wrapping paper pranks have already begun in Ireland

It’s still November, but the spirit of the season is strong in these lads.

'Prisoner' hilariously pranks elderly Irish couple by pretending to be their son

“He could be Jesus off the Cross, he’s not getting into the house, end of story”.

13 extremely satisfying acts of revenge

Serving suggestion: Cold.

8 absolutely genius text-based pranks

Don’t be getting any ideas, now.

US cops pull over good drivers to reward them in 'positive prank'

“You’re a great driver. Here’s $100.”

Here are the cruel pranks people played on their families for April Fools

Which is your favourite?

You're not the only one who hates April Fool's Day

There are other people as dried up and humourless as you. We say that with love.

Prankster punched in the face for 'stealing' stranger's mobile phone

The ill advised joke didn’t go down too well with the public.

WATCH: Horse nibbles cameraman's ear, is clearly taking the mick

He’s clearly the messer of the stable.

Brothers' prank war takes a turn for the worse Topsy Turvy This post contains videos

Brothers' prank war takes a turn for the worse

Remember the guy who painted his brother’s room pink? He’s back, with a vengeance.

Here's how people are using wireless printers to freak out their neighbours

The wily pranksters.

WATCH: Man gives girlfriend terrifying wake-up in elaborate prank

She must be an extremely tolerant individual.

These housemates REALLY know how to pull off a prank Gotcha This post contains videos

These housemates REALLY know how to pull off a prank

Talk about taking it to the next level.

Girl gets name changed to "Masturbate" in school yearbook

She is really, really sound about it though.

Royal Mail kindly asks customer to stop with the pranks

All of which sound GAS by the way.

9 foolproof ways to get ahead in the office

By making your colleagues’ lives hell.

8 pranks your worst enemy would play on you Evil This post contains videos

8 pranks your worst enemy would play on you

The fupping backstards.

April Fools: Our 7 favourite sports pranks of all time

Because there ain’t no fool like an April fool.

What's the best prank to drive somebody bonkers?

Paperclips, glitter – some ideas to torment your fellow human beings?

VIDEO: The most easily scared man in the world?

This guy’s work life must be hell.

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