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Some of the best and worst teachers ever
Oh captain my captain.

A TEACHER IN Israel is a strong contender for the ‘worst teacher’ category after accidentally leaking a document that contained some serious insults about students.

Gawker reports that the spreadsheet, which was sent to students at Yitzhak Rabin High School in Kfar Saba, described some pupils as “not too bright” “a sicko” and a “big baby”.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the country’s Ministry of Education has begun an investigation into the matter.

We’ve probably all done things that have made our teachers want to start a burn book about us, but for the love of Mrs Krabappel, don’t let the students know about it!

Here are some more of the worst – and best – teachers around…

BEST: Mrs Batman


WORST: Every teacher who does this

BEST:Any maths teacher who uses this joke

WORST: Mrs Trunchbull

BEST: Mrs Johanson


WORST: Mrs Typo

BEST: Tina Fey in Mean Girls

WORST: Lazy Mr Martell


BEST: This guy


WORST: The teacher who doesn’t believe in love

BEST: The Monty Python fan

Got any best teacher/worst teacher stories? Leave them in the comments section. Good lads.

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