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10 of the best places in Dublin to buy bras

Bra shopping doesn’t have to be The Worst.

Cannes Brassieres Source: Tom Hickmore

BRAS ARE ARGUABLY the worst item of clothing to shop for.

It goes (in descending order of hellishness):

3. Tights

2. Jeans

1. Bras.

Navigating the wide range of sizes, shapes, price brackets and supermammies in fitting rooms is daunting, dreaded and stressful for so many women.

Never mind the ever present fear that the underwire is going to tear the innards out of your washing machine when you get home.


We’ve asked ladies of all shapes and sizes for their experiences and recommendations for tracking down the perfect over-the-shoulder boulder holder in the city centre.


Debenhams gets a thumbs up for both range and nice staff. One shopper told us:

Debenhams is brilliant for underwear, they’ve a great range called Gorgeous. Think bras starts from a C or D but they have really good straps and support while being really pretty –  can be hard to find that combo!
Staff are really nice too, I once asked if they had a bra in my size and they didn’t. So they ordered it for me there and then and had it delivered here for me! Amazing!

Intimate Lingerie, just off Tara Street

Pauline from Intimate Lingerie is a legend on the Irish bra scene, with underwear actually made to measure.

They also carry the likes of Fantasie, Gossard, Panache, Berlie, Freya, Wonderbra and have a fitting service for all of the products.

You’ll probably need to make an appointment in advance, because Pauline is a busy lady.

Stardust Life-Insured Bra 1949 Source: Nesster


A wide range of brands (mostly the pricier end, it must be said) but with a good fitting service and a general sense of calm, which is very important when buying bras.

I got this amazing strapless Wonderbra in Arnotts for my brother’s wedding a few years ago. The lady fitted me for it and all. It has these three kind of boned bits in the cups that are like hands holding you up. Only strapless bra I’ve ever owned that didn’t fall down even a little. And my boobs look amazing in it. Like wearing a corset.

Peaches and Cream on South Anne Street

I went into Peaches and Cream for my wedding bra and the woman just LOOKED at me and knew exactly what size I was. She was like a boob whisperer. I bought three of them because they were just so good.

A ringing endorsement.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer does a dazzling array of bras in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they provide a fitting service (although you might need to make an appointment on busy days).

The RSH range gets a thumbs up too:

The Rosie Huntington-Whitley bras in M&S are actually great. So pretty but actually supportive too.

Lovable Sweetheart bra - 1967 Source: Nesster

House of Fraser

We’re reliably informed that there are a couple of very nice ‘supermammy’ types there ready to help with sizing and fitting.

You see, the concern with shops like House of Fraser and Arnotts is often:

I hate going in to look at bras, with the ladies hounding you and then you pick one up and it’s like €70. It’s morto.

But finding someone who can fit you properly and actually investing in a couple of pieces that will last and feel comfortable is worth the time and money.

Brown Thomas

Similarly Brown Thomas carries a wide range of higher end bras. They also have a fitting service and will order in anything they don’t have in your size. Buying bras is stressful enough, you might as well treat yourself.

Peter Pan Bra Source: Digital Collections at the University of Maryland


Penneys have recently started stocking larger cup sizes which are definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a lower price range.

Those who can buy the smaller sizes can almost always find something to suit them. You might be best to go on a Tuesduy morning when there’s nobody there, and browse in peace.

One contributor told us:

The bra I’m currently wearing cost me €3 in Penneys and it is the most comfortable item of underwear I’ve ever owned.

Illustrated 1958 Magazine Feature, How to Tell Whether You're Wearing the Wrong Girdle & Bra (2 pages) Source: classic_film

Kildare Village

Okay so it’s not Dublin but it might be worth making the trip.
One small-boobed gal told us:
The Calvin Klein ones you can get in Kildare Village are the best. They are the only people who do proper teensy sizes without treating us like tweens.

Enka - 1966 Source: rchappo2002

TK Maxx

If you’re confident enough of your size you can pick up some nice finds in TK Maxx. They also stock the likes of Calvin Klein, some swanky French brands, Stella McCartney etc.

Thanks to all of the women and their boobs who took part.

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