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24 borderline sexual photos of Dublin's best burgers
*slobbers all over self*

1. Bunsen

Bunsen is the stuff of legend at this stage. Those who love, really love it and spread the Bunsen gospel at every available opportunity. And with good reason — they’re delish.

Drooling over the best burger in Dublin @bunsendublin

A photo posted by Meghan & Jaclyn (@delish_duo) on

Can you even? We can’t even.

Best burger in town...

A photo posted by Peter Urgas (@urgy78) on

2. Bóbós Burgers Restaurant

Bóbós is that rare burger place that is as appetitising at 6pm as it is as 3am. (Seriously, it’s the best place for a post-Whelan’s bite.)

Look at these beauties.

14MAY2016🇮🇪 #europe#daily#food#eat#hamburg#dublin#햄버거#먹방#여행#일상

A photo posted by HAILEY (@hhhhhy_k) on

3. Jo’Burger

Jo’Burger’s burgers are monstrous. The kind of burgers that you struggle to fit in your gob and get self-conscious about eating.

But they’re also divine and a total step up from your usual hamburger/double cheeseburger fare.

Sweet potato burger with mango salsa, rocket, house-made ketchup 🍴

A photo posted by Aleshea Groce (@marzipanghoulightly) on

How much do you want that rasher right now?

4. Wowburger

A burger with a pint in the cosy confines of Workman’s? Genius. Wowburger’s burgers are gooey, juicy and *kisses fingers*.

Warning: you might need a napkin.

Jaysuz 🍔 @wowburgerdublin

A photo posted by Ollie Wood (@woodo92) on

5. The Counter


In The Counter, you can order one of their own creations or custom make your own. There are 22 sauces to choose from. We’ll say no more.

I've just died and gone to food heaven #food #foodporn #burgers #counterburger #bankholiday #sisterlybonding #family #maybankholiday #summer

A photo posted by Panda🐼(Katie Richardson) (@theoriginalbeanz) on

Le meilleur #burger de Dublin très certainement 🍔🍟

A photo posted by Sarah (@sarahpersin) on

6. Aussie BBQ

Honestly, can you even look at these photos without licking your lips?

Hungry for more! #foodporn #aussiebbq #dublin #vsco

A photo posted by Debbie Lucente (@deborahmaylucente) on

We’ll have The Outback (beef, pulled pork, bacon, cheese, lettuce, mayo and ketchup), please.

The most delicious burger I've ever had❤️ #burger #chips #food #delicious

A photo posted by tadgh (@tadgh.1996) on

7. Farmer Browns

Farmer Browns’ burger menu may be small, but we can’t stress how unreal they are. That beef, baby. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

라스마인으로 맛집탐방 왔구요 #Dublin #먹스타그램

A photo posted by 시나현 (@comeon_matinee) on

8. L. Mulligan Grocer

We’re calling it — L. Mulligan Grocer does the best veggie burger around. Even if you’re a die-hard carnivore, you’ll love it. We swear.


A photo posted by fergusmcd (@fergusmcd) on

9. Cleaver East

You’ve probably heard tell of the legendary #PornBurger at this point. Every month, Cleaver East introduces a decadent burger to its menu and gives it a catchy name like #dumblegleseson or #thechipper.

13528890_1196260197092095_2427637352567304038_n Cleaver East / Facebook Cleaver East / Facebook / Facebook

This isn’t your Mammy’s burger.

10. Dillingers

Not only does Dillingers serve excellent brunch (and nachos), but it’s killing it on the burger front as well.

The Dillinger’s Burger is just…

Ladies who brunch @dillingersdublin #brunchtastic #burger 😛

A photo posted by Lucy Dooley (@lucyjdooley) on

Yeah, you get it.


A photo posted by @zoemquinn on

11. The Generator Hostel

You would be forgiven for thinking that hostel grub might not be of the highest quality, but Generator Hostel’s burgers are here to prove you wrong…


Ah, dinner. #burger

A photo posted by Shahar Hay (@ugahay) on

12. The Butcher Grill

Butcher Grill bills itself as a “meat-eater’s paradise” and they’re certainly living up to that promise with their signature burger.



A photo posted by Oisín (@molakai7) on

Best burger yet #yummy #meat #loveit #dublin

A photo posted by Richard (@quaintcastle) on

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