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We tried Dublin's best burritos, and Boojum came out on top

“This one is well wrapped. No leakage”.

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IT’S A DEBATE that’s raged for millenia.

Well, since around 2008, maybe.

Where can you get the best burrito in Dublin? Where does the best Mexican delights all rolled up in a bulbous wrap? Who has mastered the barbacoa and the carnitas?

We’ve gone on a burrito odyssey around Dublin (well, four of the best-rated burrito places), picking up four barbacoa burritos (with added guacamole. We’re not animals) to determine the best…

Boojum, Kevin Street Lower

- also at Millenium Walkway, and Botanic Ave and Chichester St in Belfast


Boojum has a reputation (with TheJournal.ie tech team and beyond) as Dublin’s premiere burrito provider.

But how did it fare in our blind taste test?

This is nice. Really good.
The beef is lovely, very tender. And lovely rice and flavours.
This one is well wrapped, no leakage.

The Boojum wrap was also deemed to be the spiciest* with verdicts ranging from “good spice” to ” a bit too spicy”. It weighed in at 664g.

It wasn’t all roses for Boojum though, with one tester deeming the meat to be a little “chewy” and another complaining about the stinginess of the guacamole (which we paid extra for).

*All four burritos had the “medium” salsa or equivalent applied to them, along with black beans, Mexican savoury rice where available (brown if not), sour cream, cheese and guacamole.

Burritos and Blues, Wexford St

-also in the IFSC and Paul Street, Cork


Burritos and Blues claims to have founded the first burrito joint in Dublin back in 2004, in Ranelagh.

They’re now based on Wexford Street, and really impressed during the blind taste test.

This is really good, the best so far.
It tastes very fresh.
The flavoured rice is so delicious.

It wasn’t for everyone though, with at least one complaint of “it’s a bit bland”, which was countered with “it starts off bland, but then really improves”. The Burritos and Blues burrito weighed in at 535g.

Pablo Picante, Clarendon Market

- also in Temple Bar and Baggot Street


This was a whopper of a burrito, coming in at 725g. But bigger isn’t always better.

This is a bit run of the mill.
It’s very soggy, there’s a lot of liquid going on.

There were good points though, particularly when it came to the guacamole, and the volume of said guacamole.

This tastes very fresh, I think it’s because there’s so much guac.
Great guacamole I must say.

 Tolteca, Suffolk Street

- also at Camden Street, Swan Centre Rathmines, Baggot Street, Newcastle Road, Galway


The Tolteca burrito was the only one we had delivered to the office (via the Down The Sofa service). Weighing in at 630g it was the second biggest of the burritos.

An unfortunate combo of brown rice and black beans meant that the filling of the burrito looked a little grey. The taste was there there.

This is surprisingly nice.
It tastes like something my mam might make. In a kind of a good way though. It’s like a steak sandwich.

It wasn’t all good though:

It’s quite wet and soggy.
The beans are a little undercooked.

The winner

It was a very close race, but in the end Boojum lived up to its reputation and took the title, just one vote ahead of Burritos and Blues.

The Boojum burrito had the best all round taste, “the best combination of ingredients”.

Boojum also took the title of Best Burrito Experience in terms of speed of service and wrapping expertise.


You can catch up on the whole Burrito Odyssey over on Snapchat. Follow us on @DailyEdge. 


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