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A Definitive Ranking Of Comedies You Should Be Watching

If you’re not already watching them, that is.


WITH PEEP SHOW returning for it’s final season this week, and Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy finally available, here are some of the best comedies of the past few years to feast your eyes on…

10. The Last Man on Earth

A terrible plague has swept the earth, and Phil Miller (Will Forte) is worried that he might just be the last man on earth. He’s driving across the US, looking for signs of life, leaving messages for any other survivors to meet him in his hometown of Tuscon. It’s an enjoyable and often hilarious premise, and the fact that Miller is something of a shitehawk adds to this show’s appeal.


9. The Mindy Project

It can be a little patchy, but Mindy Kaling’s Mindy Project has enough charm, distinctive characters, sexual tension and and surprising dancing to keep you interested, particularly in the early seasons.


8. Silicon Valley

A group of computer programming lads, a Silicon Valley start up, and a winning workplace comedy format. Silicon Valley has already been renewed by HBO for a third season. Well worth a watch.


7. Community

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Community paintball episode. Or experienced the joy of the friendship of Troy and Abed. Massive fan support and a cult following have taken this clever comedy set in a community college to six seasons, possibly a movie, and beyond.


6. Parks and Recreation

Even if you’ve never seen Parks and Rec, chances are you’ve used at least two Ron Swanson and three Leslie Knope gifs in your time.

Starring Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Rob Lowe, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Rec will grab your emotions from the (slightly shaky) first season right through to the season 7 finale. Treat yo’ self!


5. The League

Now in it’s seventh and final season, this semi-improvised comedy about fantasy football has been gathering something of a slow burning fanbase, which may be down to the growing popularity to the likes of stars Mark Duplass (Togetherness, The Mindy Project) and Nick Kroll (Parks and Rec, The Kroll Show). It’s great. Loads to catch up on.


4. Veep

Four seasons down and still going strong, the US version of The Thick of It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the woman with the oval office in her sights. It’s worth watching for the Malcom Tucker-esque insults alone. Political comedy at its best.


3. Catastrophe

The second season is on Channel Four on Tuesday nights. The first season is on All 4. It’s touching comedy genius from the collaborative brains of Ireland’ Sharon Horgan and America’s Rob Delaney.


2. Broad City

Probably the best comedy series of the past couple of years (well, since we said goodbye to Parks and Rec at least). Starring and written by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, it’s the show, which continuously makes you struggle to fathom how they come up with the jokes.


1. Master of None

Okay so you haven’t had much time to get your eyes around Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy series because it’s just been released, but you need to remedy that immediately. If only to see Ansari’s real-life parents brilliantly play the roles of his fictional mam and dad on the show. Everyone is going to be talking about this show.


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