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17 people whose commute to work is better than yours

We could all learn from these guys.

1. The person who brought this along for the Dublin Bus trip

Source: Imgur

2. This guy making comfort a priority

Source: Imgur

3. The person who booked these tickets

train-7-630x472 Source: Ed Smith

4. This man who left the instruction ‘Knock when the bus comes’


Source: Imgur

5. This older guy who knows public transport is no excuse for flabby pecs


Source: Imgur

6. The person who spent their journey constructing this

Source: Imgur

7. This man riding the Selfie Train all the way to Hotsville


Source: Imgur

8. The thoughtful person who left this sage advice on Dublin Bus

Source: Maria Creevey

9. Anyone sharing a carriage with this


Source: Imgur

10. This man who has figured out the secret of sleep

Source: Imgur

11. This guy


Source: Imgur

12. This woman not letting the bus stop impede her groove

Source: YouTube

13. This woman who doesn’t need a handhold

Source: Imgur

14. Anyone looking into the eyes of this wise, wise cat


Source: Imgur

15. This man taking a happy selfie with a gimp

Source: Imgur

16. This guy who has it ALL figured out


Source: Imgur

17. And the guy who vented his frustration by making this.

Source: Courtesy of @CianOMahony

h/t Buzzfeed

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