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13 couples who are just doing relationships right

Must be love, la la love.

THESE ARE RELATIONSHIPS you wish you had. Heed their lessons.

1. True love is using a mobility scooter to pull your husband on his rocking horse

buPyUIW Source: Imgur

2. Those who eat pie and beer together, stay together

M9cXjsZ Source: Imgur

3. Love is always there to give you a little push

BsBgrGyIYAA8QU1 Source: Twitter

4. When it’s love, you just know

Bs4DwhoCAAEZLqy Source: American Belle

5. And you’re not afraid to show it

BsT_KZvCEAAhXki Source: Couples_dream

6. You dress as cows together

BsjSYbECIAAReYJ Source: Brian Reynolds

7. And are always there to lend a helping hand

8. When you’re together don’t mind looking like a pair of…

f9Fro Source: Imgur

9. Or laying down the law

BTMpoiX Source: Imgur

10. Your practical in-jokes are next to none

jTyQj Source: Imgur

12. There’s always a bit of excitement to be had

BrjmaqiIYAA2m8S Source: RelationGoals

13. Even if you’re not that enthusiastic about it


enhanced-15302-1406025734-25 Source: Pleated Jeans

Go with it.

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