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This Irish best man pulled off the most epic speech at his brother's wedding

It featured an absolute tune and a flash mob at the end.

IRELAND HAS A grand tradition of epic best man speeches, stretching back as long as there has been weddings.

So, when Maeve Clancy and Alan Gielty got married last weekend, Alan’s brother was on hand to give the speech – and he didn’t hold back:

“I’d be more comfortable with a fiddle in my hand than I would a microphone.”

weddings Source: Youtube

So he brought out a mandolin and cracked into one of the finest best man speeches you’re likely to see

weddings2 Source: Youtube

“How did he ask her out, was it a bit of luck? For those of you who don’t know it was through Facebook.”

w4eddings Source: Youtube

“Maeve I have a few things to tell you about the groom. For 18 years in total, we shared the same bedroom.”

weddings4 Source: Youtube

“Sometimes he wasn’t happy when his courtin’ didn’t go to plan, and he went through an awful drought when he owned a Hiace van.”

weddings5 Source: Youtube

“For Alan this lovely lady was a big diversion, and I knew it was serious when he asked me to wire an immersion.”

weddings6 Source: Youtube

Just when you though the epic eight minute-long song was going to be the peak, out came a trad flash mob at the end

tradinsert Source: Youtube

Watch it all here (it’s long, but it’s worth it), and rejoice:

Source: A Thaiscidh/YouTube

Ah, Irish weddings.

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