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19 glorious moments from celebrity Reddit AMAs

Madonna’s favourite birthday present, Jeff Bridges defining love and more.

ONE OF THE most popular features on Reddit are the AMAs, a Q&A in which Reddit users are invited to ask any question of a particular person. At this stage, anyone who is anyone has done a Reddit AMA. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Stephen King – they’ve all been there, done that.

Now they’ve emerged as the go-to social media tool for celebrities promoting films, albums, etc. and are usually a treasure trove for amusing anecdotes, gossip or nuggets of insight.

Here are some brilliant moments from celebrity Reddit AMAs.

1. Aaron Paul on the differences between himself and Jesse Pinkman.

aaron paul Source: Reddit

2.  Madonna on her best birthday present.

madonna Source: Reddit

3. Matt Damon remarking on how much of a child George Clooney truly is.

mattdamon Source: Reddit

4. George Clooney talking smack about Daniel Day-Lewis.

georgeclooney Source: Reddit

5. Lil Jon explaining how hard day-to-day life is.

liljon Source: Reddit

SPDvCyd Source: Imgur

6. Tom Hanks is all of us.

tomhanks Source: Reddit

7. Pierce Brosnan’s sweet anecdote about working with Robin Williams.

piercebrosnan Source: Reddit

tumblr_m28h400PrL1qdojzho1_500 Source: glennoconnell/Tumblr

8. Snoop Dogg with the best comeback of all.

snoopdogg Source: Reddit

tumblr_li6etm4gFy1qzdnco Source: featuringsnoopdogg/Tumblr

9. Molly Ringwald just nailing it.

mollyringwald Source: Reddit

10. Bill Murray’s astonishingly frank and in-depth recollection of working on Garfield. (Spoiler: it was a disaster.)

bill murray1 Source: Reddit

billmurray2 Source: Reddit

billmurray3 Source: Reddit

bill Source: mcbrayers/Tumblr

11. Peter Dinklage letting us in on the craic behind the scenes at Game of Thrones

peterdinklage Source: Reddit

12. Jeff Bridges unexpectedly defining what love is

jeffbridges Source: Reddit

732489 Source: Goodreads

13.  Benedict Cumberbatch offering to endorse fan-made pants.

benedictcumberbatch Source: Reddit

14. Spike Jonze revealing he is a time traveller.


15. Tilda Swinton confirming what we all knew: that she is David Bowie’s clone.

tildaswinton Source: Reddit

tumblr_n1qszzodsR1ql8l8po9_250 Source: alittlewhos-this/Tumblr

16. Martha Stewart offering the most Martha Stewart-esque sex advice.

marthastewart Source: Reddit

17. David Attenborough blowing our minds with this fact.

david attenborough Source: Reddit

tumblr_ma1s8vOeTd1r4zr2vo1_r1_500 Source: littleanimalgifs/Tumblr

18. Harrison Ford being a cocky bastard.

harrisonford Source: Reddit

19. And finally, Robin Williams telling users about the time he tried to buy an, ahem, sex toy while dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire. (His full Q&A is a delight and can be read here.)

robinwilliams1 Source: Reddit

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