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12 people who will make your Snapchat 100% more entertaining

Ride with us through the journey of more Snapchat success.

SURE YOU LOVE following your mates on Snapchat, but how about taking it up a notch? Here are 12 people who will make your Snapchat life complete.

(Of course, feel free to follow at dailyedge. *winks*)

1. DJ Khaled – djkhaled305

_1450377232 AskMen AskMen

The American record producer is well-known for his musical endeavours, but has become truly famous for his Snapchat, in which he shares inspirational gems like: “The key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.”

_1450378250 AskMen AskMen

He recently got lost at sea while riding his jet ski, and documented the whole thing on Snapchat. As you do.

2. Shaun McBride – shonduras

shonduras Snapchat / shonduras Snapchat / shonduras / shonduras

One of the first true ‘professional Snapchatters’, Shaun has made snaps his art form. Spy on his travels around the world, marvel at his detailed illustrations, and watch him schmooze with celebrities. Living the dream.

3. Brittany Furlan – brittanyjfurlan

Comedian Brittany is bloody hilarious and one of the most followed female users on Vine, so it’s only right that she’s taken her talents to Snapchat. Expect lots of selfies.

4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art – lacma

lacma-group1 Glossyrag Glossyrag

Quite simply: It’s an art museum, hilariously Snapchatting the art. Brilliant.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – arnoldschnitzel

arniesnaps Snapchat / arnoldschnitzel Snapchat / arnoldschnitzel / arnoldschnitzel

Because who wouldn’t want a peek behind the scenes of the life of the Terminator?

6. Jérome Jarre – jeromejarre

jeromejarre1 Pinterest Pinterest

Another one who got his start on Vine, Jérome’s Snapchat now boasts 1.5 million followers. Woah. Like his Vine channel, his Snapchat features a mix of off-the-wall pranks and adventures.

7. Dr Miami – therealdrmiami

bh9Pole Imgur Imgur

Dr Miami is a plastic surgeon who regularly Snapchats from the operating table – he explains himself here. If the idea of seeing the ins and outs of plastic surgery doesn’t completely squick you out, give him a follow.

8. Christine Mi – miologie

miologie Snapchat / miologie Snapchat / miologie / miologie

One of the great artists of Snapchat, Christine has amassed tons of followers for her detailed self-portraits and funny shots of things she spots while out and about.

9. Rihanna – rihanna

rihannasnaps Snapchat / rihanna Snapchat / rihanna / rihanna

We would follow Rihanna to the ends of the earth, but we’ll start off with her Snapchat. It’s run by her assistant but make no mistake, Rih is the star of the show.

10. Geir Ove Pedersen – geeohsnap

geeohsnap-snapchat-art Socialcontrol Socialcontrol

Geir takes pictures of unsuspecting people on the street, then turns them into works of art. Great fun.

11. Ryan Seacrest – ryanseacrest

ryansnaps The Wrap The Wrap

You want celebrities? Ryan Seacrest will give you celebrities! He’s friends with just about every famous person on the planet, and they’ve all graced his Snapchat at some point.

12. Lou Teasdale – louteasdale

louteasedale Snapchat / louteasedale Snapchat / louteasedale / louteasedale

She’s One Direction’s hair and makeup artist, so you will probably spot them in her snaps from time to time, but more importantly – she does great mini makeup tutorials.

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