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14 reasons Dublin is the best place to go to college

The city where hungover dreams are made.

SO, AN IMPORTANT ranking of the best cities in the world to be a student in has been released – and Dublin is languishing down in 37th spot.

A travesty. They don’t know the true delights of Dublin as a student city:

1. Like the fact that this Society exists

1477959_689585624415177_1038677660_n Source: bantersoc

Put that on your list and smoke it.

2. It’s a city where we take our iron stomach competitions very seriously

“Are you not entertained?”

3. Where colleges aren’t afraid to show where their allegiances lie

yesvotetrinity Source: Trinity Student's Union

4. You’re only ever a short bus journey away from the bustling city centre where the true craic is

Source: Imgur

Or, if you’re in DIT or Trinity, it’s only a short walk.


5. And its esteemed midweek hotspots

Copper Face Jacks Nightclubs Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

A bit of variety from the SU from time to time.

6. You also have a spot for someone to stay when they’re “up visiting” Dublin

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

You’ll just have to get around some pesky accomodation rules.

Still, you’re now more useful than ever.

7. You always have the best craic on the top of Dublin Bus on the way into town

craicbus Source: Youtube

When places aren’t walking distance away, you make your own craic.

And Dublin’s public transport is the best in the world for post watershed fun.

8. Dublin is starting to lead the way in hangover cures

dangermain Source: DailyEdge.ie

Dublin has hangover options:

spicebag2 Source: Boards.ie

They’re everywhere – and they’re spectacular.

9. It’s a city where you can text your college an absolutely mortifying message and nothing will come of it

textutor Source: Twitter/@LaurenMahon

Sent to Ballyfermot College of Further Education and it was grand.

10. Sure we’re even lax enough on the spelling on our official signs

Which means you won’t get in sh*t for the odd typo here and there.

11. It’s a city where taking your clothes off for a good cause in college is not just welcomed, but encouraged

Nov Source: UCD SU

Like the stars of UCD’s 2016 calendar above.

12. We’re not afraid to ironically embrace foreign trends for the craic

Profile Pictures - UCD Cheeky Nando's Soc | Facebook Source: Facebook/UCD Cheeky Nando's Soc


13. Some Dublin colleges are well known to be fairly good at taking the piss out of themselves

artsgege Source: Spotted UCD Library Facebook

14. And finally, Dublin colleges are the welcoming sort – no matter who is involved


It should be top 10 on the global list, at the very least.

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