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7 of the best places to buy tights on the high street, ranked

The eternal question of where to buy hosiery, answered.

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IT’S A QUESTION WE’VE been asking ourselves every winter for donkey’s years: Where is the best place to buy tights?

Sure, you can have your Wolfords and your Falkes, but is there anywhere on the high street where you can load up on tights cheaply, with quality you can trust? We believe there are – let us steer you in the right direction.


Eastgate_Topshop Source: Wikimedia

Topshop used to be the best place for patterned/coloured tights before Penneys dramatically upped their game, and at €13 a pop for plain black tights, you would think they’d be better quality. That’s all we’ll say on the matter.


Tiverton,_Tesco_-_geograph.org.uk_-_85534 Source: Wikimedia

Some of the bigger Tescos stock tights, and it may be tempting to throw a pair in the basket, but quality has gone downhill as of late. Stick to the thicker ones or you could end up looking like this:

TK Maxx

TKM-Store-Front Source: Ilac

A good place to hunt for bargains on more expensive, high-quality brands like Pretty Polly, but you can never guarantee a great find. Still worth a peek every now and then.


Penneys Shops Source: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ie

It feels like you’re getting a good deal with the multipacks in Penneys, but they have a bad habit of going ball-y, baggy and grey within a wash or two.

You’re better off going for the single pairs (the 100 or 200 deniers especially), but they still don’t have the longevity of other brands.


Dunnes_Stores,_Dublin,_October_2010 Source: Wikimedia

If you’re in a tights emergency and you need somewhere to run to, run to Dunnes. Their tights stand up to all sorts:


H&M_Festival_Walk_Store Source: Wikimedia

You wouldn’t really think to pick up your tights in H&M, would you? But their hosiery is a cult favourite and they’re not hugely expensive (but a step above Penneys prices). Give them a go.

Marks & Spencer

Marks_&_Spencer,_The_Mall_Athens Source: Wikimedia

In a survey of the tights-wearing portion of TheJournal.ie/DailyEdge.ie office, M&S swept the board. They’re mostly cheap, they last, there are no major gusset problems to speak of (ouch) and are seemingly unaffected by the washing machine. Magic.

What do you think? Help your sisters out in the comments.

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