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7 of the all-time best Irish TV weather moments

Jean Byrne and the way she might look at you.

TODAY IS NATIONAL Weatherperson’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating weathermen and weatherwomen all over the world.

In that spirit, let’s look back on some of our favourite Irish weather moments.

1.  All the times Jean Byrne has worn one of her outfits

The reactions to her outfits run the gamut from admiration to confusion, but it always brightens our day.

Look at that Xena-like necklace.

Go on, Jean.

2. The perfect placement of this donkey photo

donkey-2-2-630x374 Source: RTÉ

No further explanation necessary.

3. The way Gerald Fleming says, “Hello there”

Source: dragonarchive/YouTube

Something so comforting about the words, “Hello there and a very good evening.”

4. When Evelyn Cusack gets all gangster and tells it how it is

weather2-2-630x472 Source: RTÉ

All these long-range weather forecasters are FRONTIN’

- Direct quote from Evelyn Cusack.

5. The fact that Martin King once literally hosted the weather while sitting down, because why the hell not

Look at that face. That’s the face of a man who needs a drink.

6. Not forgetting the fact that 75% of his weather report is him saying hello to people…

kin Source: YouTube

“A big hello to Eileen!”


7. And the fact that the RTÉ team remain utterly professional no matter what…

…even when surrounded by the cast of The Walking Dead

Well done, Nuala.

(At this point, it’s also worth reminding everyone that Nuala Carey once admitted to shifting Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto. Fair play, Nuala.)

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