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11 single people just living their best lives

Do you believe in life after love? HELL YEAH!

1. What a lovely couple

single Source: The Giant Moustache on Reddit

2. No phone panic, ever

3. The bedroom perks of being single

spider Source: liveandlivingcolour on imgur

4. And yet more bedroom perks

weep Source: thisishowwegetants on imgur

5. Dinner for one

life Source: ratamack on reddit

6. Netflix and chill

king Source: DoveFerrett on imgur

7. GOTG and chill

gal Source: @queenhalz

8. Firefly and chill

firefly Source: georgearnold on imgur

9. Ryan Gosling pillow? Check. Nutella? Check.

ryan Source: imgur

10. Romantic dinner with the cat

cat Source: eatmyshorts0728 on imgur

11. “No pants chilling on the phones”

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