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21 reasons Dublin will always have a place in our hearts


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DUBLIN WAS HANDED a global travel award at the weekend, being named the favourite city of tourists from around the world.

But we don’t need that to appreciate it. At its best, Dublin is a wonderful place.

1. The view across the bay at sunset

Source: Rodric84

2. The warm and somehow welcoming fug in Grogans on a winter afternoon

Source: picturesbyJOE

3. The smell as you pass the donut stand on O’Connell Street

Source: The Rolling Donut

4. The young deer in the Phoenix Park at fawning season

Source: pburka

5. The razor-sharp local wit

Source: @ColmQCusack

6. The fact that the most beautiful architecture turns up in the most unexpected places

Source: infomatique

Like dingy Henrietta Street: off a four-lane traffic artery on the northside, falling apart, stunning.

7. The few old shops still left in the Liberties

Source: infomatique

See also: Jas Fagan, Communion Tailor.*

8. The party in the chipper queue after closing time

Source: seamus_walsh

Everyone is equal when it comes to curry cheese chips.

9. The smell of the sea off the Liffey when the tide comes in

Source: Cullion

Kinda manky. But… kinda nice.

10. The occasional moment of glorious community on Dublin Bus

Source: Nick J Sheridan/YouTube

11. That feeling when you open the door to the Stag’s Head snug, and there’s nobody in there

Source: wicksrose

12. The sunshine on Dun Laoghaire pier with a 99

Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

13. The traces of the past you don’t see until you look up

Source: Dublin Ghost Signs

Source: Dublin Ghost Signs

14. The tourists making a hames of the backward bicycle in Temple Bar

Source: mravecsk1/YouTube

15. The way the old, reliable Christmas lights might make you feel

Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

16. The insistence on having rhyming names for EVERYTHING

Source: infomatique

17. The smell of the brewery, of course

Source: ChrisYunker

18. The wonderful Lady of the Northside

Source: ghvm/YouTube

19. The Forklift Gauntlet around the fruit markets in the early morning

Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

20. The Poolbeg towers as you land in the plane

21. And the way a single sunny day can turn the whole city upside down

Source: RollingNews.ie

*Update: Sadly, Larkin’s has now closed down too :(

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