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9 reasons kids' movies are better than real life

What we wouldn’t give to just live in a kids’ movie.

WE WILL BE frank with you, real life is very difficult and we’re not always a big fan.

There are bills to be paid, clothes to be washed and other mundane real life activities.

They are frequently and we have always maintained that life is better in kids’ movies.

Why you ask?

Here is why.

1. Good and evil are clearly defined

In the grand scheme of things we all know what constitutes good and what constitutes evil.

But in kids’ movies the villains and evil-doers are very clear cut.

So you’d never have a passive aggressive work colleague or someone who steals your cereal every morning because those things would clearly marked out as EVIL.

We feel like this simplified sense of morality could be really helpful day to day.

2. Sing-a-longs are acceptable

Imagine if life was like a Disney movie and you could just burst into song all the time.


CieonMovies / YouTube

3.  A sassy sidekick is a must

We really just want a sassy kids’ movie style sidekick to call our own and to make us seem much cooler in comparison

djweijens / YouTube

4. Friendship is forever

Tumblr / Animated Disney Gifs

Not only do sassy sidekicks seem de rigeur in the kid movie world but there’s also the matter of friendships lasting forever and ever.

None of this “we grew apart after college” or “we always say we’ll go for coffee but we never do” muck when you are in a kids’ movie.

5. Adversity can be overcome

Tumblr / Animated Disney Gifs

No matter what horrible things seem to happen in a good kids' movie they always get through it in the end.

So when you think you can't go on because you've finished the packet of Jammie Dodgers and the nearest shop is closed just remember if Simba can get through the Lion King you can get through the next 24 hours.

6. Parents know nothing and that's just fine

How often have you watched a kid's movie and thought "Ugh, adults are the WORST"?

We should just let kids run everything, it would be better.

kvncsc / YouTube

7. Children know best

If Home Alone and every kid's movie worth its salt has taught us anything  it's that kids definitely know best.

We wish we were just back being around eight years of age and our wisecracking ways were all we needed to get by in life.

NotoriousHEB / YouTube

8.  Animals are amazing

And they could possibly talk to you aswell.



oldhollywoodtrailers / YouTube

9. Love conquers all

If love was as simple as in kid's movies we'd be grand.


The romances always work out and everything is very easy.

Unlike real life.


Wish Upon A Star / Tumblr

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