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The best and worst things about going back to school...

… as a teacher

IT’S NOT JUST the kids that are full of dread/delight at the thought of going back to school you know.

Here are the best and worst things for teachers returning to the classroom…


1. Being called mammy

They’ve been saying “MAMMY, MAMMY, MAMMY” all summer, so naturally they’re going to transfer it onto you.

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2. Correcting copies until all hours

It doesn’t all end at 3pm you know.

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3. Being constantly covered in chalk

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4. Dubious presents at Christmas/summer

Oh, a liquorice scented candle. You really, really shouldn’t have.

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5. You can’t go anywhere outside of school…

… without a child roaring “AH THERE’S TEEEECHUUUUR”.

6. They’re your responsibility now

Best back-to-school photo I've seen yet! - Imgur Source: Imgur


Catching up on staffroom gossip

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Welcoming the Junior Infants

First Day of School. Four-year-old twins Four-year-old twins Esme, right, and Leah Crilly-Brady get settled in on the first day of the new school year at St Catherine's Church of Ireland National School on Donore Avenue, Dublin 8 Source: Mark Stedman

Catching up on the childrens’ ‘news’

New baby siblings, holidays, a deadly stick they found…

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Lovely new supplies

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The rewards

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