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Beyoncé fans are completely freaking out over her awful new fringe

Please support the BeyHive at this difficult, difficult time.

THERE IS A crisis in the BeyHive. Beyoncé has taken her look in a new direction, and her fans are freaking out.

While hot-stepping around Paris with husband Jay Z and Blue Ivy yesterday, the singer showed off a new ultra-short fringe.

Here’s how it looks in the professionally-shot, well-lit photos on her website:

beyoncebangs Source: Beyoncé.com

beyoncebang Source: Beyoncé.com

And here’s how it looks in real life.

It’s…different, isn’t it? A new direction. A direction that’s really easy to come back from.

A small minority of Beyoncé fans (like, two) are trying really hard to support her choice.

The rest of them are just tearing the look to shreds. Because even Beyoncé can’t get away with a bad hair cut.

Sorry Bey. Sure it’ll grow out, right?

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