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Beyoncé and her lawyers are having none of this 'Feyoncé' nonsense

Don’t mess with Bey.

WHEN YOU SEARCH “Feyoncé” on Etsy, a whole range of handmade merchandise bearing the Beyoncé/fiancé pun pops up.

Like this cup.

feyonce Etsy Etsy

And this tank top.

feyonce2 Etsy Etsy

And these “bridal shower toppers”.

il_570xN.614159022_ho9b Etsy Etsy

It’s kind of a thing for newly-engaged people, see.

And it seems Beyoncé is having none of it.

TMZ is reporting that lawyers for the singer fired off some stern warnings to Etsy demanding one particular store remove Feyoncé merchandise on account of it being too similar to her name. (That was kind of the point, Bey.)

The online marketplace obliged and took down the items in question.

Of course, there is still loads of Feyoncé-branded swag for sale, but something tells us that won’t be the case for long.

il_570xN.714383292_aboj Etsy Etsy

RIP, Feyoncé.

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