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# Birthday Bey
Queen Bey wrote a birthday letter celebrating the 'monumental' year she had
Bey has taken time out to reflect.
# queen bey
Beyoncé made Anna Wintour hire the first black photographer to shoot the cover of US Vogue, sources say
Is there anything she can’t do?
# queen bey
Why Beyoncé is the 'artist of my life'
On being a fan of Beyoncé for the best part of two decades.
# queen bey
Here's what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyoncé
“Enda Kenny really is a good for nothing type of brother.”
Beyoncé: 'The onus is on everyone to study and understand what a lack of privilege really means'
I’m not surprised that women are leading change, writes Elva Carri.
# queen bey
Beyoncé absolutely owned last night's VMAs, and nobody could cope
It’s Beyoncé’s world and we’re all just living in it.
# queen bey
8 things you desperately need to know if you're going to Beyoncé today
Bey Day is finally here!
# if i were a boy
An Garda Síochána just issued an excellent warning about Beyoncé's Croke Park gig
Who knew they were such fans of Queen Bey?
# boy bye
11 extremely cool tattoos inspired by Beyoncé
~Middle fingers up, put ‘em hands high…~
# queen bey
14 songs Beyoncé needs to write for the sake of women everywhere
Beyoncé, we beg you.
# Lemonade
Beyoncé just dropped her new album and the internet is freaking out
Here’s your Lemonade cheat sheet.
# Lemonade
8 important things you need to know about Beyoncé's new album
Happy Lemonade Day!
# queen bey
Is Beyoncé surprising us with a new album tonight? Let's examine the evidence
Don’t tease us, Bey!
# ivy park
Here are the 7 places in Ireland you can get Beyoncé's new clothing line
Ivy Park is almost here.
# queen bey
Fans hoping to get their hands on tickets for Beyoncé in Croke Park today
9am people, be ready.
# queen bey
16 hilarious tweets that sum up your feelings about Beyoncé
*puts Frank’s hot sauce in handbag*
# to bey or not to bey
28 of Beyoncé's songs, ranked from worst to best
Bow down.
# Take a Break
This skyscraper is inspired by Beyonce's curves
No word on whether it leans to the left, to the left.
# queen bey
Beyoncé and her lawyers are having none of this 'Feyoncé' nonsense
Don’t mess with Bey.
# queen bey
Confirmed: Beyoncé IS releasing new music
But rumours that the singer will release another surprise are only kind of true.
# queen bey
This little girl met Obama and told him she was disappointed that he wasn't Beyoncé
We empathise.
# Flawless
The people of Ireland are openly worshipping Beyoncé
Queen Bey has already given two ***Flawless performances in Dublin, with two more to come.
# queen bey
Need guidance from Beyonce? This website will show you the way
Whether you’re happy, sad or feelin’ fierce, Beyonce has a song for you.
# Beyoncé
Mad outfit in Beyoncé's new video is work of young Irish designer
Sorcha O’Raghallaigh was pretty happy to see her clothes on Queen Bey.
# queen bey
Beyoncé releases album without warning, crashes iTunes
14 new tracks! 17 new videos! AAAAAAAAAAAAH.
# queen bey
11 reasons Beyoncé deserves your birthday wishes
She’s 32 today.