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14 things girls with big boobs would like you to understand
They’re a lot of work.

AS MUCH AS BIG boobs are celebrated in society, they have their drawbacks.

It’s not all sunshine and roses in the life of a big boobed lady, you know.

1. Big boobs are expensive

thanks to my best friend @hol_breezy for this beautiful Christmas present Instagram / jnmoretti_ Instagram / jnmoretti_ / jnmoretti_

A good, sturdy bra that will keep them in check doesn’t come cheap, you know.

2. And most of the time, they’re not catered to in regular stores

That's the truth !!! #boobs #bigboobproblems Instagram / beelynnborders Instagram / beelynnborders / beelynnborders

Strolling into Penneys and picking up a two-pack just isn’t an option.

3. AND the bra options can be DIRE

#Life #Hurts #Deep #BigBoobProbs #Discrimination #SayNoToNude Instagram / xmisskelly12x Instagram / xmisskelly12x / xmisskelly12x

Thick straps, flesh-coloured… The opposite of dainty.

4. The idea of having a clothes size goes right out the window

XFl2AZ7 Imgur Imgur

You could be a 12 all over but have to pick up a 14 or a 16 because your boobs take up so much space. There is just no way of knowing.

5. And most fashion trends pass you right by

SKIVVIES romance Instagram / forloveandlemons Instagram / forloveandlemons / forloveandlemons

Deep V-neck dresses? Nope, unless you want to spend the whole night on nip watch. Those lacy bralets? Not a chance.

6. Not to mention the worry about looking ‘appropriate’

#bigboobprobs But hey look at my waist! Instagram / beautyandcherise Instagram / beautyandcherise / beautyandcherise

Even though it’s entirely out of your control.

7. So you layer up and slowly roast to death

gdh8x9z Imgur Imgur

Camisoles. Camisoles everywhere.

8. Unwanted attention is pretty much constant

jen-boobs Akamaihd Akamaihd

Leering, yes, but also people asking if they’re real, telling you to put them away, and generally poking their noses where they don’t belong.

9. ‘No bra days’ just aren’t a thing for you

Haha truth #notamemberoftheittybittytittycommittee #bigboobprobs Instagram / cleighd28 Instagram / cleighd28 / cleighd28


10. Running up or down stairs is an…experience

784622636 Scoopwhoop Scoopwhoop

You must hang on to yourself for dear life, lest you cause some sort of earthquake.

11. You need multiple sports bras just to keep everything in place at the gym

#running equal #Twosportsbras crossfit #thestruggleisreal #fitness Instagram / buck_sgt_ Instagram / buck_sgt_ / buck_sgt_

And it’s absolutely no craic to try and extricate yourself from that, let us reveal.

12. Seatbelts are on a mission to choke you

13. And underboob sweat follows you everywhere you go

*Googles ‘boob anti-perspirant’*

14. But despite all this, you’re pretty fond of them

giphy Giphy Giphy

And sometimes you like to grab a handful. Just because you can.

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