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This Celeb Big Brother contestant hasn't got the best opinion of Limerick girls...

Oh Scotty T you chancer.

UH OH. CELEBRITY Big Brother contestant and Geordie Shore star, Scotty T, caused a bit of a ruckus in the house yesterday when he started talking about women throwing themselves at him.

Launch night with Scotty wearing the @heralondon_ styled outfit. Looking Source: scottgshore

When chatting to fellow housemates, Scotty (real name Scott Timlin) said girls usually throw themselves at him when he’s out in clubs or making personal appearances.

He reckons he’s slept with about 300 girls in the past three years, saying:

Girls know this, they know when I’m on Geordie Shore they know what I’m about.

But then he had to go and mention Ireland, Limerick, specifically.

If I go do a PA in Ireland, I’ll go to somewhere, say for example Limerick, a town in Ireland, I’ll go to appear and some girls will be waiting there and I’m like ‘do you realise I’m probably not going to be back here for god knows how long’ and they say yep.
They just wanna be like ‘I just got f*cked by Scotty T’.


According to a quick search, Scotty T was in Limerick back in December 2013 at an event in the Sin Bin.

People weren’t delighted with the ‘compliment’

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