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11 things we can expect this winter if Ireland experiences another 'big freeze'


FORECASTERS HAVE PREDICTED that this winter will be one of the coldest in years, with temperatures set to plummet to the lows experienced during the fabled ‘big freeze’ of 2010.


Is THIS what we have to look forward to this winter?

1. Upsetting weather maps like this.

rtemap Source: YouTube

The map of Ireland will assume a sort of aqua shade with just tiny pockets of the country retaining their green hue.

2. Daily updates from this guy

seanoneill2 Source: Merrion Street/Flickr

Remember Sean O’Neill from the National Roads Authority? If it snows, get ready to become acquainted with him again.

seanoneill Source: The Journal

3. Panic-buying salt.

salt Source: Buddy's

Gritting the driveway with Saxa, you know yourself.

4. Becoming needlessly preoccupied about whether the country has enough salt.


5. Forking out your hard-earned cash for ice shoe grips

iceshoegrips Source: Handy Nik Naks

After they become available in Heatons, obviously.

6. Not even being able to enjoy the snow, because it’s turned into light brown sludge.

sludge Source: YouTube


7. Public transport grinding to a total halt

The bus may be “due” in 6 minutes, but we all know it’s never coming.

8. Extreme car journeys

everybody hurts Source: Warner Bros/YouTube

Four-hour journeys that make you want to lead a Everybody Hurts-style exodus from the car.

9. Cold-looking RTÉ reporters

cold Source: YouTube

You can report from indoors. Honestly, we don’t mind.

10. Excessive use of words like ‘tundra’ and ‘bitter’

bitterly Source: YouTube

“It’s bitterly cold.”

“Tundra-like conditions…”


11. And, of course, more gold like this.

Source: greannmhar3/YouTube


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