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poo-ple rain

Ad agency denies 'poo rain' seen flooding into office

What’s the opposite of Hallelujah?

WORKING IN A stuffy office is bad enough without poo raining down on you.

Employees of a Chicago-based advertising agency experienced a very unpleasant scene as a result of burst frozen pipes due to the extreme weather in the city this week.

An Instagram video of the flood went viral and appears to show sewerage leaking from the ceiling to create a poo storm of sorts.

According to Business Insider, Kasey Moore, art director at the company posted the since-removed video with the caption “So… This is happening on my floor at work. Poo eruption”.

OJA Mozz

Well, now there’s a denial. The official line is that the poo shower is, in fact, dust and water.


Still, we’d rather no murky brown water pouring from our ceilings, cheers.

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