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10 of the best celebrity tantrums of all time

From Twink to Harry Redknapp to Jonah Hill.

POOR AULD KANYE is a bit of a sore loser isn’t he?  The man who once said “If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility,” is not impressed with being named number 7 on MTV’s hottest MC list.

And he rang up a radio station to tell them so.

However, he’s not the only celeb who’s ever thrown their toys out of the crib.

Here are ten incredible celebrity tantrums – some justified, some not.

Christian Bale

In February of 2009 some audio from the set of Terminator Salvation arrived in the public domain.  In the clip, Christian Bale completely loses it with a member of the crew.



Twink wasn’t exactly delighted when she heard the news about her ex’s new baby being born.


Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill completely lost the rag with this interviewer while doing promo for his film Superbad, and he was totally justified.

The guy was obviously attempting to pull some sort of ‘hilarious prank’ but instead comes out looking like a jerk.


UPDATE:  This one was a very convincing ruse, one which fooled me!  No wonder Jonah went on to be nominated for an Oscar.

Preston walks off Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Preston found the ribbing about his wife, whom he had met on Celebrity Big Brother, too much to take.  This is one of our favourites.

It’s a little long but so worth the watch.


Alec Baldwin’s angry voicemail to his daughter

We recognise that voice.  It’s the angry dad voice.  Perhaps a little over the top to call your child a ‘rude, thoughtless pig’ though.


Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model

You probably know this one already, but it’s always worth a watch.


Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell

On the set of their film I Heart Huckabees, the films producer, director and co-writer completely loses the plot with actress Lily Tomlin.

It’s always good to see someone calling someone else childish while throwing a tantrum that would make a toddler proud.

YouTube/Ted McCagg

Seth Green

The guy you’ll recognize from Buffy and Austin Powers was filming a commercial when this blowout went down.

There were questions over whether the whole thing was a fakeout afterwards, but frankly we don’t really care.


Harry Redknapp

Harry’s trying to give an interview during a training session when a player hits him with a ball.

He doesn’t react well.


Kanye vs. Taylor

We couldn’t leave this list without reminding you of Kanye’s Taylor Swift moment.  It’s one that will stay with us forever.


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