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Keanu Reeves is 100% on board for Bill and Ted 3

All they need is a producer, a director, a script, and loads of money. Oh.

KEANU REEVES HAS said that he’s “absolutely” going to be taking part in a third Bill and Ted film, once everything falls into place.

Reeves told Vanity Fair in an interview that while there is no director, no producer, no perfect script and no money, he still wants to get the third installment made.

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Reeves and his Bill and Ted co-star Alex Winter spoke to IGN last month about why they think there is a audience for a third film, with Winter explaining that the first two were:

… really well written – they’re not masterpieces, but they’re really well written.

Reeves now says that there is a script, but it needs to be reworked in order for producers, directors etc to come on board.

I think they’ve created a story that is fun and funny and would be very surreal for me to play, so if everything comes together the right way it could be fun.

The first two Bill and Ted movies saw Reeves and Winter travel through time to amass a selection of historical figures for a school presentation, and fight a couple of evil doubles of themselves sent back from the future.

The third film is based on a storyline which sees the pair on a quest to write a song that’s going to change the world.

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