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Bill Gates says CTRL-ALT-DELETE was a mistake
Did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?

BILL GATES HAS finally told us what we knew all along… making people press CTRL-ALT-DELETE was a mistake.

The Microsoft founder has said in an interview that requiring users to use the key combination to log onto a PC was a bad decision.

He’s not taking full blame though; instead he’s passing the buck onto an IBM guy, who he says “didn’t want to give us our single button”.

However The Verge points out that the IBM guy – David Bradley – had previously said that while he did devise the multi-button login, it was Gates who “made it famous”.

The CTRL-ALT-DELETE combination was designed to prevent theft of passwords.

Gates made the admission during an interview to mark the launch of the Harvard Campaign:


By the way, hands up who wants one of these?

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